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Building and strengthening your unique value through
results-driven consulting and professional development
Dr. Jayapriyaa Shanmugham

Boston University

"The AAL Compass program was an enriching and rewarding experience. The program was well organized and the lectures were very insightful."

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Strategic Planning

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7/19 & August 2

7/30-August 1

Chairs & Academic Administrators Management Program (CAAMP)

Provides leadership & management tools, professional assessments, & 1-on-1 coaching.


Communicating for Results

Corporate communications & interpersonal skills development


Institute for Teaching & Learning (ITL)

Premier teacher training program for professionals embarking on a new career in academia.

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The 9 Virtues of Exceptional Leaders

Written by Karl Haden, Ph.D. & Rob Jenkins

Reinforces that everyone has the inborn capacity to lead—it is only a matter of unlocking that potential. This book enables you to do just that, building on your natural ability and nurturing your leadership habits through specific behaviors.

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