AAL Announces 2013 Dates

Accreditation & Assessment Technology

Online Allied Health Education (IAHE):
Clinical Teaching Best Practices– March 12, 26, April 2, 9, 16, 2014
Advances in Educational Methods – June 25, July 2, 9, 16, 23, 2014

Leadership Program (CAAMP):
July 17-19, 2014

Teaching and Learning (ITL):
Phase I – August 14-16, 2014
Phase II – October 16-18, 2014

Compass Program for Academic Advancement - September 17-19, 2014

Certificate in Dental Education:
January-March 2015

Master's Degree in Dental Education:
Phase I – March 25-28, 2015
Phase II– June 17-20, 2015
Phase III– October 1-3, 2015

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Teaching Foundations in Allied Health Education

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"CAAMP was one of the best continuing education experiences I have ever had. I learned about how I can be a more effective leader and how the culture and other unique aspects of higher education affect change." Dr. Steven E. Roberts, D.M.D.,
Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine

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